Moss Street Medical Fees

Moss Street Medical is a privately billing practice. We do not routinely bulk bill.

Bulk billing is limited to: children 12 years & under, aged pensioners 75yrs & over and some pensioners 65 to 75 years who are actively participating in a chronic disease management plan & others with physical & intellectual disability pensions.

A New Patient Fee of $121.50 (Level C – Long) is billed on your first appointment regardless of age/concession card for all new patients.

Please see our full list for discounted fees for other groups on pensions & HCCs

  • Level A Short Consult (Item 3)                               $39.90
  • Level B Standard consult (item 23)                       $80.50
  • Level C Long consultation (item 36)                     $121.50

Work Cover Consults

Patients are responsible for payment of WorkCover consult fees until they receive
a claim number from their workplace insurer.

First appointments are charged a Long Consultation and Medical certificate. Moss Street Medical follow SIRA (previously WorkCover) rates and are as follows.

  • Level A Short Consult (AA010)                               $37.50
  • Level B Standard consult (AA020)                         $76.00
  • Level C Long consultation (AA030)                       $140.00
  • Medical certificate of capacity(WCO001)             $44.50

Repeat scripts service without consultation

This service is at your GPs discretion & you may be requested to attend for an appointment. Please allow 48 hours.
  • Fee                                                                                $20

Moss Street GPs will provide a script without a consultation, under the following conditions:

  • Only patients who are known to the practice
  • Must have been seen in the last 3 months
  • Only regular medications that have been previously prescribed by your GP

More information about our fee schedule can be found by clicking the following link:

Moss Street Medical Fees