New Patients Registration and consent form

Moss Street Medical is currently open books and is taking on new patients. Please complete the New Patients Registration and consent form and bring to your first appointment or arrive 5 minutes early to complete before your appointment. If you have moved and would like to have your medical records transferred a Patient Transfer Form in also available.

pdf_iconPatients Registration and Consent Form

pdf_iconPatient Transfer Form

Moss Street Medical Fees

Moss Street Medical is a private billing practice. We do not routinely bulk bill.

Bulk billing is limited to:  children 12 years & under, aged pensioners 75yrs & over, pensioners 65 to 75 years on a chronic disease management plan & others with physical &  intellectual disability pensions.

Please see our full list for discounted fees for other groups on pensions & HCCs

  • Level A Short Consult (Item 3)                                 $37.50
  • Level B Standard consult (item 23)                         $76.00
  • Level C Long consultation (item 36)                       $114.00

Work Cover Consults

Patients are responsible for payment of WorkCover consult fees until they receive a claim number from their workplace insurer.

First appointments are charged a Long Consultation and Medical certificate. Moss Street Medical follow SIRA (previously WorkCover) rates and are as follows.

  • Level A Short Consult (AA010)                                 $37.50
  • Level B Standard consult (AA020)                           $76.00
  • Level C Long consultation (AA030)                         $140.00
  • Medical certificate of capacity(WCO001)               $44.50