Practice Information


Billing Information

Moss Street Medical Practice is a private billing practice. Bulk billing is limited to: children 12 years & under, aged pensioners 75yrs & over and some pensioners 65 to 75 years who are actively participating in a chronic disease management plan. Patients with physical & intellectual disability pensions.

All Accounts are to be settled the day of consultation. If you are experiencing any financial difficultly please discuss this with your doctor during your consultation.

We process all our Medicare rebates online which mean yours rebate should be credited to your account within 12-24 hours.
Please note, that different fees also apply for WorkCover, medicals (including workplace, pre-employment and after hours consults) please see reception if you require further information.

You can view our Fees here

Referrals, Prescriptions and Medical Certificates

A consultation with a doctor is required for a referral, prescription or medical certificate.

Referrals are usually valid for twelve months from the date it was written, and as referrals cannot be backdated, please ensure you have an up to date referral prior to your specialist appointment.

Your doctor will need to examine and discuss your reason for obtaining a medical certificate before issuing you with one or extending a current medical certificate.

Moss Street Medical Practice does not provide request over the phone. This is to ensure that the appropriate medication is prescribed. Please make an appointment to see your doctor to request a prescription in person.

Recall and Reminder System

As part of our commitment to your ongoing medical care, our practice utilizes a recall system for results. If your doctor requires to discuss results with you then a receptionist will contact you to make an appointment. IF reception does not contact you after your results have been received it generally means the doctor does not need to see you for a follow up appointment. Please feel free to contact reception to check and see if your result has been received and if the doctor would like to see you but be aware that reception are unable to disclose any result information.

Moss Street Medical Practice also uses a reminder system for pap smears, immunisations and other health initiatives such as care plans and health assessments. Reception may call to give you a friendly reminder that these health checks are due.

Keeping Patient Details Up To Date

Please let reception know about any changes to your contact/personal details or change in next of kin details. We may require this information to contact your next of kin in an emergency.

Translation Services

Moss Street Medical Practice welcomes a diverse multicultural population. As quality medical care requires good communication between patient and doctor, we encourage non-English speaking patients to utilize the Government funded (no cost to patient) Translating Interpreting Service (TIS). This also protects the privacy of the patient and assists them in discussing issues of a personal nature. A government funded interpreting service (AUSLAN) is also available for patients who are deaf and use Australian Sign Language. Please let our staff know if you require any of these services.

GP Registrars

Moss Street Medical Practice is an accredited training practice committed to quality training and education of our GP registrars. Our GP registrars offer comprehensive and quality medical care under the guidance of our senior doctors.

University Of Wollongong Teaching Practice

As a committed and recognized teaching practice we regularly have medical students sitting in with our doctors or para-consulting. Your permission for the student to sit in on your consultation will be asked when booking an appointment. Please inform reception if you prefer not to have the student present during your consultation.